Tailor-made solutions for each business

Gama! works in a personalized way with each client, always understanding their individual needs, and maintaining a high standard of quality in our translations.

For those who work creatively, under pressure and with commitment to clients.

We understand your needs. Tight deadlines, and materials that are completely appropriate in the target language. For this, we at Gama! have created a special service for your agency. We also know how to choose just the right language professional, depending on the subject matter and other factors.

Whether it’s a website, publicity material, a slogan, a press release, labels, simultaneous translation at events, or a more specific project, we can cater for you. The appropriateness of the language used can have a big influence on your clients’ goals, and a good translation can really bring out the creativity used in your work.

Translation of publicity materials, labels, commercial proposals, result reports, market research.

Translation of support materials, promotional materials, simultaneous translation, accompanying foreign visitors.

Translation of visual identity manuals, product labels, websites, stationery.

Large volumes require a special kind of management.

Are you in the publishing business?
Then why worry about managing the translation of your publications?
Let us do it for you!

Unlike many agencies, Gama! has a high number of translators and a top-notch team of reviewers. For large projects, such as the translation of a book or magazine, we offer contracts with reduced costs.

Using the international standard of counting by word, and with special management, translation will not be one of the most expensive aspects of your publication.

Your project, in the language you need, with the ideal cost and time frame.

We at Gama! offer you total peace of mind in the translation of your project, whether it’s a presentation, a commercial proposal or a technical manual.

Whatever your need is, Gama! coordinates a competent team with specific knowledge in the area of your business – editing and translation professionals with training and/or experience in specific areas such as:

  • Banks and Insurance Companies: Translation of policies, manuals, marketing materials, presentations, commercial proposals, financial reports;
  • Computers and IT: Translation of technical manuals, help files and user interfaces, among others;
  • Business and Finance: Translation of balance sheets, press releases, administrative and sustainability reports, financial statements, communication materials, training materials, commercial presentations and proposals, websites and contracts;
  • Technical/Engineering: Projects, technical manuals, product and service catalogs, technical norms and training materials; Medical and Pharmaceutical: Translation of package inserts and scientific articles;
  • Consultants and Auditors: Translation of reports, evaluations, proposals, presentations and training materials;
  • Telecom: Contracts, bids, regulations, technical and commercial proposals and equipment manuals.

The law on the tip of your tongue, in any language.

Specific terms, important, confidential documents. Jobs of such responsibility must be taken seriously, and we at Gama! have the right professionals, with the experience needed to translate contracts, documents, legislation, and legal opinions, adjusting the language to the appropriate legal language of each area, because we know the risks and responsibilities inherent to this type of business.

Whether simple or sworn, this is high standard translation with the security demanded by the most serious lawyers.

Fair prices, timely delivery, dedicated service. 

At Gama! differentiated costs for public agencies are not treated as jobs with lesser status.

On the contrary, we know that public agencies are often involved in international projects and we also know the importance of these projects for society as a whole.

This is why we take the work very seriously. Whether it is an event requiring simultaneous translation, or projects and documentation that need written translation, Gama! offers specialized assistance that will ensure your project is a success!

VIP treatment for your translation. 

Like you, your translation deserves VIP treatment, after all, we know the importance of your document, whether it’s a translation of a resume, a letter, a graduate dissertation, a master’s or doctorate thesis, or perhaps a personal document.

We facilitate payment and guarantee quality. You can rely Gama! because we put you first.

Punctuality in delivering material. Excellent and high-quality service.

Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology (HCFMUSP)

Great quality, meeting our expectations.


Fast and efficient service. Budgets are competitive and detailed. And our clients have never questioned the quality of the translations provided.

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