Simultaneous Interpretation

Experienced and qualified interpreters

The success of your event, lecture or workshop depends on the clarity of the information transmitted.

A suitable space, perfect scenography, and an interesting and current topic are extremely important factors when organizing an event, but without a team of experienced and qualified interpreters, or the appropriate equipment, all your investment could be in vain.

Don’t take risks, hire Gama!

We take care of the interpreting requirements for your event, from the selection of interpreters, to the supply of simultaneous interpretation equipment, sound systems, recording, projection and computers, including assembly to dismantling of the equipment, as well as providing technical support throughout the event.

We are specialists in simultaneous translation. Our portfolio contains a wide range of successful events. We choose the most appropriate professionals for your event. These professionals study the topics to be covered beforehand, in addition to learning about the orator’s speaking style and language type. All of this guarantees the highest quality simultaneous interpreting service.

Availability of equipment

We are able to provide a complete structure for your event. Yet if you only need simultaneous translating equipment, you can count on Gama! We provide high-quality equipment for rental. We assemble and test the equipment before the event and have professionals on-call if anything comes up. We are committed to guaranteeing the perfect event!

We even provide a portable simultaneous translation kit, ideal for small meetings or even for noisy locations, such as a factory. It is small, no set-up is required and the interpreter is able to operate the equipment alone.

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